Corporate Social Responsibility

Santiago, january of 2013

Corporate social responsibility

Our company is compromised in the legal framework, proactively, providing a constant improvement.

The human capital is very important to us, so we make all the necessary efforts for keeping our Human Resources free of any kind of pressure, in a nice and pleasant work environment.

We are aware that we can always improve many aspects, and we have an important compromise of being a sustainable company, with a socially responsable management within our workers and main public as equally with local communities, suppliers, clients and environment. Besides an ethic administration.

We reject any kind of discrimination by age, race or religion. We seek for equal inclusion. As an important fact, more than th 75% of our staff are women.

The importance of our collaborators manifests itself in the fulfilment of the human rights, expressly rejecting any kind of child work.

Our collaborators, heart of our daily tasks, are our main concern, so we maintain a friendly relation. Even if we don’t have a union organisation, we always seek a direct dialogue with our workers and as well, we care constantly of their health and safety

We are compromised with environmental responsibility and we pretend to improve that each year.


Patricia Roca J. General Manager Vinotec Chile S.