Quality Assurance Policy

Vinotec’s laboratory, specialised in alcoholic and non-fermented beverages in the Chemical Physics and Microbiology areas, has as quality assurance policy to satisfy our clients needs, compromising ourselves to deliver our services with the highest quality possible, and we are compromised to:

  • To establish a management system baed in the NCh-ISO 17025 Norm, with the purpose of optimising the lab’s process and continuously update this management system and the customer service.
  • To applying good professional practice, with competent and qualified staff that will guarantee the confidentiality and objectivity of the delivered results
  • To execute the established analysis according to the established methods and norms.
  • To have competent technic and qualified personnel with the necessary authority and resources to accomplish their labours.


  • To promote this policy we adopt the following objectives:
  • To have the required equipment, environmental conditions and facilities according to the established norms and/or methods.
  • To establish a proper communication process so the communication is carried out considering the management system.
  • To monitor, manage and evaluate the service for satisfying the needs of our clients and authorities that rule and/or award recognitions.


Vinotec’s purpose is to gain and maintain the accreditation according to the current NCh-ISO 17025 norm and to continuously improve the efficacy of the management system.