Microbiology & Molecular Biology Laboratory

Microbiology area

Our Microbiology laboratory has highly qualified personnel with a long experience in enological microbiology and in the lasts techniques in molecular analysis as well.

Our laboratory is characterised for being one of the pioneers and innovators in wine, juices, beers and concentrates methodological analysis. We have developed and validated our own protocolar analysis, based in international standards and in particular under the NCh 17025:2005.

Microbiological tests

  • Surface and bottling lines monitoring
  • Brettanomyces sampling
  • Brettanomyces analysis and detection
  • Zygozacharomyces analysis and detection
  • Acid and lactic bacteria analysis and detection
  • Wine microbiological studies

Biotechnology Area

Genetic microorganism assessment in wines, drinks, beers and others.

Stump identification and/or species by PCR:

  • Yeast Species Identification
  • Bacterial Species Identification

The application of this technology delivers accurate results in the identification of specific species and this impacts significantly the reduction of delivery times versus the bacterial culture. (The traditional method delivers results in 15 days for the Brettanomyces and approximately 30 days for Zygosaccharomyces).

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